Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Update on Family Camp

As you might have noticed, the widget on the side of the page ------->  has been changed to one specifically raising money for Camp Twitch and Shout.  This change has been made because we now have enough money for our family to attend Camp Twitch and Shout's family camp weekend.

We'd had a few unexpected expenses that took away the money we had saved for camp.  Georgia Boy has to travel for work soon, and he had some travel expenses that we're still waiting to be reimbursed for.  To top it off, he ended up needed both new tires on his car and a repair for a leak that made the car unsafe to drive.  It's amazing how fast something like that can hit and take away the money we'd saved up.

I originally started my fundraising specifically on  I encountered a few problems with the links not wanting to post to that site, so I also added a wish on to help bring in the money we needed.  We also had a garage sale to help earn what money we could to help pay for camp.  As of today, we officially have enough money to pay for family camp in full!

We do not like having to ask for help with things like this, so we have made the promise to ourselves that we will pay it forward by donating to Camp Twitch and Shout in hopes that it will help pay for another child to attend camp next summer.  To help with this, we've started a new fundraising page on GoFundMe that will allow us to take in extra donations specifically to help the camp.  When we're ready to send the funds to the camp, we can add our own to the total.

We are now looking forward both to attending family camp and to helping raise funds to help keep Camp Twitch and Shout affordable for families like ours.