Friday, February 25, 2011

Return of the "woo-oo"

We have come to the point where we don't even notice most of Monster Man's tics anymore.  There is one tic that really sticks out, though.  It had gone away for a while, but it returned earlier this week.  It's his loudest tic, the one that is most noticeable to others.  Sometimes, the tic almost seems like a normal reaction, as it usually happens when he is watching a movie or playing video games and gets excited, but there are other times when he is excited that this tic shows up.

With this particular tic, we've noticed (as I already stated) that it seems to happen when he is excited.  He lets out a loud "Woo-oo".  Doesn't seem like much, but there are times when he is watching something particularly exciting and he keeps repeating it every couple of minutes.  It's fine at home or at hockey games, but wouldn't be fine at a movie theater or another public performance where it would become a distraction to those around us.  It's sad to think that we have to limit him from certain activities like that just so that his tics don't become bothersome since he hasn't learned to control them very well yet.

For now, he's more comfortable in situations where he can be excited and not have to worry.  I guess it will be that way for a while, until this tics disappears again or until he finds a way to control it.

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