Friday, May 18, 2012

Not a spiritual thing

I have seen and heard many comments - on websites, in emails, and out in public - about Tourette Syndrome being a spiritual thing.  Some of those that are not informed think that people with Tourette Syndrome are vulnerable in their spiritual connections with God.  They either aren't strong enough to stand up against the demonic forces that are causing them to tic, have a spiritual battle going on in them, are possessed by the devil, or even worship Satan.  Yes, those are all comments that I have seen or heard.  So, for day 4 of Tourette Syndrome Awareness Month, I want to take the time to address these comments.

In researching information about Tourette Syndrome online, I ran across a forum where people were discussing those who struggle daily with TS.  In this forum, I saw some of the comments I mentioned above.  I also saw comments that stated that people with Tourette Syndrome should not be allowed to date, let alone marry and procreate.  In fact, I saw one comment that referred to children of parents with TS as being the spawn of Satan.  How sad to think that this whole group of people is so uninformed!

I saw one person, in an email, back up his comment of Tourettes being a 'spiritual thing' by stating that people with Tourette Syndrome use obscene words or gestures.  As I've mentioned previously, coprolalia (the use of such obscenities) only occurs in somewhere around 10% of all cases of Tourette Syndrome.

The truth is, Tourette Syndrome is not a spiritual thing at all.  Instead, it is a neurological disorder.  It is not caused by demons, but instead by brain impulses.  It can, in many cases, be hereditary, though this isn't always the case.  Some theories on cause (since no cause is known) show that brain abnormalities, caused by chemicals in the brain such as dopamine and serotonin.

If you hear or see someone make a comment about the spiritual well-being of a person living with Tourette Syndrome, please take the time to explain to them the truth.  Tourette Syndrome is NOT a spiritual thing, and it can be very hurtful to those who suffer from it to hear it even suggested.


  1. Those were some ignorant Spiritual comments they made. Spiritual does Not mean God or demons, it means quantum existence & beyond. It is an algorithm of architecture in consciousness reality invisible to some. Therefore neurological problems source back to degeneration in a person/family’s genetic quantum design. Spirit & soul technology can be healed through various means but I am still looking for specifics on alternative healing (such as Radionics, acupuncture...) Tourette’s success stories.

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience. If interested, here is a healer’s perception of TS along the eternal soul journey. (I think my son has TS but is currently diagnosed as ADHD so I am searching):

  3. I might have agreed with your perception on this years ago, but after actually being a victim of demonic/negative entity possession myself, I now know first hand how these things can affect the body and mind. I would not be surprised if a lot of mental disorders as we know them are in fact caused by these entities. The one in me turned me text book mentally ill and caused me many physical health problems... and I was a completely, normal healthy person before I was possessed. It happened to me after befriending someone who was deeply involved in the occult. What I am unfortunately dealing with are text book demons, but there are in fact many smaller negative entities that are everywhere and come in all shapes and sizes, they attach to people and feed off of their energy. They affect people's mind, emotions, and body. I think science is close to uncovering this and when they do modern medicine as we know it is going to be dramatically transformed. Scientists that are studying this now use terms such as 'intra-physical consciousness' to describe these entities that affect the human body and energy fields and can actually measure these energies. The world is not what it seems. A good author that just came out on spiritual attachments is Rachael Stavis..check her out.