Monday, July 11, 2011

Camp Twitch and Shout

Monster Man had the honor of attending Camp Twitch and Shout last week.  This incredible camp offers kids with Tourette Syndrome the chance to spend a week with other kids like themselves, being themselves and not having to worry about hiding their need to 'twitch and shout'.

When we first dropped Monster Man off at his camp last Sunday, we were a little concerned about how he would do.  After everything we had read about the camp, and after the wonderful tour and friendly staff, we had no concerns about it being the right place for our son, but we weren't sure if he was ready for a week away from us.  We had some many questions about how he would react being away for so long, whether or not he'd have a rage episode, if he'd try to test the limits while swimming, etc.

Thankfully, the counselors had taken the time to get to know everything that we reported might present a problem during the week.  They had come to the camp prepared for anything Monster Man might throw at them, and they did an amazing job giving him what he has told us was 'an amazing week'.

Monster Man loved the camp so much that he was in tears when I went to pick him up, sad to be leaving his new friends behind him.  He is already counting down the days until the family camp in September, as well as making plans for his trip to camp next summer.

I am so thankful that he has Camp Twitch and Shout to help him make new friends like himself and to help him discover that he isn't so different after all (and that being different is a great thing to be!).

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