Thursday, April 14, 2011

Another Inspiring Artist

A couple of weeks ago, we were listening to our favorite radio station - 104.7 The Fish - out of Atlanta while we were driving to the ball fields.  We heard a new artist on the radio that my kids and I all truly enjoyed.  This young lady was the latest artist to be picked up on Toby Mac's record label, Gotee Records. My kids were especially excited to find out that this she was from Atlanta.  This new artist is 19-year-old Jamie-Grace.

My kids were excited to learn that someone that young could already be on the road to a successful singing career (something Angel Baby hopes to do one day), singing Christian music and sharing her gift with the world.  Two days after hearing the song 'Hold Me' for the first time, I found out something about Jamie-Grace that made her even more of an inspiration to our family.  Jamie-Grace has Tourette Syndrome.  Since her diagnosis at the age of 11, Jamie-Grace has been sharing her story and her faith with audiences around the United States.

Jamie-Grace joins the ranks of many others who have soared through the challenges of Tourette Syndrome, not allowing it to hold them back.  It is so important for those with TS to see others following their dreams and to realize that they can achieve their dreams if they just believe.

Please enjoy the video of Jamie-Grace's 'Hold Me'.

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