Sunday, April 3, 2011

Painful tics

Today is the fourth day of Monster Man's newest tic - one that is actually physically causing him pain, but he can't control it.  He has started this new weird eye squinting thing.  Each time he does it, his eyes try to look in different directions.  It's like he's trying to look to the upper right and the upper left at the same time.  The first day and a half of it, he covered his face.  We were unable to see what he was doing.  Later that evening and most of yesterday, he started uncovering his face and I could see it was just the eyes.  Late last night, the tic progressed to include the majority of his face, opening his mouth in the really wide smile that almost seems to wide to be possible at the same time that his eyes are looking in two different directions like that.

It's so hard to know how much it is hurting my little boy.  I want nothing more than to see my son happy and healthy, and this latest tic has got to be his worst so far.  In fact, until this tic came along, he has always said that he likes his tics - that the tics make him special.  With this latest tic, though, he has started saying that he thinks that God is punishing him, that there must be something that he has done wrong, but he doesn't know what it is.  It breaks my heart to hear him saying things like that, and I am spending a good portion of my time reassuring him that he is not being punished. 

I am hoping that this tic will do like most of the others and that it won't be long before he's lost this tic and moved on to another one (less painful please!).

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