Sunday, April 17, 2011

His Worst Day Yet

Yesterday was Monster Man's worst TS day so far.  We were at the softball fields all day, as we had three games to play between the kids.  By the time I took him to the house of a friend that was watching him for part of the afternoon, he'd had three rough episodes of rage, and he'd developed two new tics.  His painful tic was back in full-force, which I think added to the rage he was experiencing.  While on the field for his game, I noticed he'd started a new head-shaking tic.  He was shaking his head, very similar to shaking it no, very hard.  He did this multiple times throughout the day.  On the way to our friend's house, he told me that he'd started a tooth-grinding tic, as well.  He was grinding his teeth in a way that wasn't noisy, but it was with enough force that it was painful.

He did pretty well at our friend's house, though all three tics continued to be a problem until he went to bed.  After we picked the kids up, we went back to the ball fields to watch the adults play and to let the kids play on the playground.  He had one more episode of rage during that time, and then another when we got home and it was time for the kids to go to bed.

By the time that bedtime came around last night, we were all ready for him to get to bed.  He needed to rest his brain and the rest of us needed to get away from the rage.  I also needed to get a chance to get away from seeing him struggle so much.  It's so hard to see him going through all of this.

Thankfully, today has been better than yesterday.  He's still having the same tics, but he hasn't had any problems with rage today at all.

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