Friday, October 28, 2011

24 Hours for the Tourette Syndrome Association

In October of 2010, a go-karting world record was set.  This record was for a solo driver who drove a go-kart 801.38 miles in a 24-period.  The driver of that world record drive was Lloyd de Boltz-Miller from the United Kingdom.  Earlier this week, that record was broken.

Trey Shannon, a 26-year-old aerospace engineer living in Virginia, took his seat behind the wheel of his go-kart on the morning of October 25 with two goals.  One, to break the previous go-karting world record.  Two, to raise money and awareness for the Tourette Syndrome Association.

Trey Shannon, like my Monster Man, has Tourette Syndrome.  He has kept a positive attitude, never allowing his TS to hold him back from doing the things he loves - especially racing.  It is with other children facing a life with TS in mind that Trey Shannon does was can to help the Tourette Syndrome Association.

Thanks to the help of many sponsors and a team of supporters, Trey Shannon drove 847 miles in 24 hours at New Castle Motorsports Park in Indiana, going well beyond the previous world record.  Congratulations to Mr. Shannon, and thank you for raising awareness for those living with Tourette Syndrome!

For news footage, please check out this link.

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