Sunday, October 9, 2011

A video that explains Camp Twitch and Shout

This video was put together by one of the many inspiring girls at Camp Twitch and Shout, the wonderful camp that Monster Man attended over the summer and that our family attended for family camp a couple of weeks ago. The song playing in the background is one of the main theme songs that the kids learn at camp, R. Kelly's 'The World's Greatest'. It is such a positive message to teach these kids, that they can be what they inspire to be. The boy speaking at the end, sharing his wish for the camp, is Monster Man.

There are many great ways to help Camp Twitch and Shout, including 'Spin for Kids' and 'Denim and Pearls', as well as through the Pampered Chef fundraisers I have been holding (I will be holding another closer to Christmas). If you are interested in helping Camp Twitch and Shout, please check out the website.

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