Friday, March 11, 2011

He's a winner

Last night, Monster Man had his first ever science fair.  For his project, he made a couple of hovercrafts.  The first used a CD, a bottle cap (like the caps on a dish soap bottle), and a balloon.  The second used a paper plate instead of the CD.  He wanted to test which made the better hovercraft.  As he suspected, the CD worked much better.  It was a lot of fun putting the two on the floor and seeing how they traveled.  The CD glided almost three feet from it's starting point, while the plate only moved about an inch.

The experiment went really well, and he did a great job with the display.  When we went to the science fair last night, we got to see all the other science fair projects.  This was for the gifted program in his school, and there were science fair projects from second grade, third grade, fourth grade, and fifth grade.  There were so many great experiments, and it was fun checking out all the displays.

The best moment for Monster Man, though, came when he was awarded second place for the fifth grade level.  I am one proud mom.  He did so well!

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