Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Leg Pain

For many years now, Monster Man has been experiencing severe pain in his legs.  Sometimes the pain gets so bad that he doesn't even want to walk, and he just lays there, holding his legs and crying.  I always feel so bad for him, especially when it sneaks up at times when we don't have medicine on us.  I usually try to remember to keep ibuprofen with me for times like that, but there are occasions when I've taken it out for one reason or another, or I've run out and haven't had a chance to buy more, and he starts hurting when we're away from home.

We usually try to massage his legs when it starts up, hoping to offer him some relief.  Sometimes it requires an ice pack.  Sometimes we have to rub him down with Icy Hot to give him the relief he needs.  Almost always, the ibuprofen is a requirement in order for his legs to stop throbbing.  It is heartbreaking to see him in so much pain!

I've recently discovered that many people with Tourette Syndrome complain of leg pain like this.  From what I'm understanding, they have tics in their legs that are causing the pain to arise and to worsen.  I wish there was a way to train him to have a different tic at those times, like some people are able to do with other tics (screaming being replaced with whistling, cussing being replaced with similar but more acceptable words, etc).

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