Saturday, January 1, 2011

Can he control it or not?

Sometimes knowing that Monster Man has Tourette Syndrome makes it hard for me to know if certain behaviors are something that he can control or if they are tics. For about a month now, every time Monster Man gets excited while playing a video game or watching a movie, he'll yell "woo-ooo" (like woohoo, without the h). It's always the same noise, always the same tone, and it's always when he is excited. At first, we were telling him to quiet down since he often did this with someone sitting next to him, and it is loud enough that it hurts our ears when we are in close proximity to him. In fact, it seems loud just being in the same room with him when he does this. Now we think it might be one of his many tics, though. It doesn't seem like he can control it, and now he's even starting to get a little upset when he does it himself.

The worst thing about this particular (possible) tic is that it bothers him more than the others. Yes, it does bother us at times, but it really seems to aggravate him even more. He is starting to realize that he can't always control his own body, and it upsets him to feel so helpless. It's going to take a lot of time and work to help him learn how to control this tic and the others he is already experiencing. Hopefully we will soon be able to get him the help he needs to learn how to take back some control of his body.

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