Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Good Week

The past week has been going really well for Monster Man. His anxiety level is a lot lower than it has been in previous weeks, which means that his tics have been pretty mild. Last week, he picked up a new tic that, thankfully, only lasted a few days. He was making random 'farting' sounds with his mouth whenever he was starting to get nervous. It would help ease the nerves, and it would end up making him laugh sometimes afterward, but even he was getting annoyed by it after a while because he didn't want people thinking he was being rude. I think that the lack of anxiety has been a blessing for him this week so that he could have a break from some of the tics that he gets most annoyed with.

That is the thing about Tourette Syndrome. The tics come and go like that. New ones pop up randomly. They seem to go away just as fast as they appear. Sometimes they reappear later down the road. Sometimes there are tics that we see for a short time and have yet to see reappear. Each day is new experience, and we never know what the day will hold.

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