Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Possible treatment option - Update

So we went to find out about the medical research study, and so far it sounds like it might be a good thing. We went ahead and had the initial screening done yesterday, checking to make sure he qualifies. We're supposed to hear something back in about a week to get everything set up for Monster Man to start this study.

We're still researching a little before we make a definite decision, and that (of course) also depends on if he qualifies or not. We are asking around about the medicine being used in the study, trying to find out who has had experience using it, what kinds of side effects they have had, etc. We really want to make sure that this is the best thing for Monster Man. We don't want to head into this seeing free medication and a little extra cash, but instead want to know if this is the best solution for him. We want him to be happy, and we want him to stay healthy. We don't want to put our child at risk, and we're hoping to find a solution that puts his best interest first.

Like I said, we are really leaning toward giving it a try. The people that I've talked to with experience with this medication have all, for the most part, been positive. No one has complained of the side effects, and only one has said that they didn't really notice a difference. The feedback I've received thus far has been very helpful. The information I've been given, combined with prayer, will help me to make the best decision for my son.

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