Monday, January 10, 2011

Not knowing really stinks!

It's hard to know what behaviors are related to Monster Man's Tourrette Syndrome and what behaviors he can control. We try not to use his TS as an excuse for everything, but there are times that we don't know if it's to blame or not. Like volume control, for example. This morning, Monster Man's voice keeps getting progressively louder as he speaks, and it's really starting to annoy my husband. One minute, Monster Man is practically whispering, and then a few minutes later it sounds like he is almost yelling. He says he can't control it, that's he's not meaning to be loud, but we can't really be sure since he's using the "I can't help it" excuse a lot lately.

Monster Man can't seem to control the impulse to ask questions, either. We'll be watching a movie and a sudden question comes out about the character or the plot, and he just blurts it before he has time to even think about it. We're wondering if this is what is happening at school, too, since he gets notes home from time to time about needing to control his talking.

I have a lot of questions I would really like to talk to a doctor about, but we're unable to take Monster Man for treatment related to TS due to his current insurance. Hopefully we'll all have better insurance soon so that we can get him the therapy, etc that he needs and so that we can get answers to questions like impulsive talking, volume control, and what may be things he is using TS as an excuse for.

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