Monday, January 3, 2011

Obsessive Compulsive

From what I've been reading about Tourette Syndrome through both the TSA website and from the National Tourette Syndrome Association facebook page, I've discovered that Monster Man's anxiety issues aren't just anxiety. In fact, they are labeled as a form of OCD. With TS, people who have obsessive compulsive disorder tend to dwell on fear of disasters. It's more a fear of the uncontrollable, rather than a fear of what could happen if you don't do things a certain way (which is the more common form of OCD in patients without TS). This really explains a lot about his anxiety. I mentioned previously about his fear of a hurricane coming up the mountain and his fear about roller coasters coming off the tracks or displayed rockets falling over on top of him. From what I've been reading, this is actually more OCD than just general anxiety.

Monster Man's fears seem to be a big problem sometimes. They seemed to develop overnight, and they've really hit him hard. I was really worried at first that he was alone in these fears, and that something more was really wrong. It is a relief to me to know that this is just a part of his TS, and that so many others with TS are going through the same thing.

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