Monday, January 17, 2011

Possible treatment option

Since the kids' current insurance will not cover Tourette Syndrome, I have been looking for an alternative to help us get Monster Man the help that he needs. I recently ran across a medical research study that is being done that will give him the medication he needs, the therapy he needs, and will pay us for time and travel. I'm not completely convinced that I want to go the medication route with him, but we go tomorrow to discuss the study further and to find out if he qualifies. I know we will be asked a list of questions, but I am going in with a list of my own. I want to make sure that the medication is not going to end up causing him further problem, and that this is really the best solution for him.

At first, I was very relieved to find that we might possibly have found a solution to the problems with getting him treatment. However, I am really starting to get nervous about the whole thing. Is this really what is best for him? Is this going to harm him in any way? Is this going to help him at least get back a portion of the happiness that he had before, when he wasn't plagued by anxiety? I am praying to God that I will know what is the best answer this tomorrow.

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