Friday, January 14, 2011

Protection from the outside world

There seems to me that there is no greater evil to someone with Tourette Syndrome than people who don't understand. This is especially true when those that don't understand are in your own family. I have been working hard to get my husband to understand what Monster Man is going through, but it isn't an easy task. I figured that he would be the one person who would be most likely to understand the challenges that Monster Man is faced with; after all, it's my hubby who has epilepsy and who has struggled with ADD. Instead, though, I listen to him fuss at Monster Man for the things that my sweet boy cannot control. Some of his tics can get frustrating, I'll admit, but it is heartbreaking to hear my son get fussed at for his tics, and it is even more heartbreaking to hear Monster Man's reaction. You can hear how upset he gets, and you can certainly see it on his face.

I want to take him under my protective wings and shield him from all harm, but I know that this will only make matters worse in the long run. I know that I must teach Monster Man how to stand up for himself, how to face those that are not understanding and to teach them rather than to run away.

I've had several people suggest that we watch Front of the Class, a Hallmark Special Presentation about a real life teacher with TS. I have tried to find this for rent, but have been unsuccessful. It has aired a few times in recent months, but we do not have cable to be able to watch it while it is on. I am planning to purchase my own copy soon so that I can use it not only to educate my family, but to also share with others who might want to know more about Tourette Syndrome.

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